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Bob Haack at a MES Annual Meeting

We support entomological research, education, and insect conservation throughout the Great Lakes Region.

Figure from A Review of the Ambush Bugs (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Phymatinae) of Michigan: Identification and Additional Considerations for Two Common Eastern Species"

Peer-Reviewed Journal

Great Lakes Entomologist

Our journal publishes papers dealing with nearly any aspect of entomology. Appropriate subjects are those of interest to professional and to amateur entomologists in the Great Lakes Region, North Central states, and Canada, as well as papers directed to a larger audience. The journal is peer-reviewed.

Presentation at the 2023 MES annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting is a scientific conference generally held in the fall. It is a multi-day event featuring papers and posters. Topics cover all aspects of entomology, including field and laboratory research, taxonomy, faunal surveys, education, and environmental issues.
Enjoy socializing and networking with those interested in the study of insects.

Breaking Diapause

The annual Breaking Diapause Meeting is an informal gathering held each spring, providing a forum for the interchange of information and friendly interaction. Depending on the location, evening or day collecting trips are other enjoyable activities.

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