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Since 1954, MES has supported collaboration to study Great Lakes Entomology

The Michigan Entomological Society was formed by a group of talented amateur and professional entomologists in 1954, to “help promote the science of entomology in all its branches and by all feasible means, and to advance cooperation and good fellowship among persons interested in entomology.” 


Many society members are actively engaged in research. Key areas of research include apiculture, aquatic entomology, behavioral ecology, biological control, chemical ecology, forest entomology, integrated pest management, invasive species, medical entomology, molecular entomology, and taxonomy and systematics. 

Man baiting for moths at night
Person in a field of flowers swinging an insect net


Society members are involved in many activities that greatly enhance Michigan’s environmental quality such as faunal surveys, habitat enhancement, and studies on the impacts of climate change.

Other studies investigate insect habitats, the distribution of threatened and endangered species, and effects of pesticides.


We welcome participation of students, and offer frequent opportunities to join members in their areas of research or consult with entomologists. Student talks and poster presentations are encouraged at Annual Meetings, and monetary awards are granted for outstanding work.

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Founded in 1954 in Detroit, MI