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History of MES

The Michigan Entomological Society was formed by a group of talented amateur and professional entomologists in 1954 to “help promote the science of entomology in all its branches and by all feasible means, and to advance cooperation and good fellowship among persons interested in entomology.

List of all MES Past Meetings and Presidents

The First Two Decades Of MES:

  • 1954: Founded, with 3 Branches: Detroit, Lansing, and Toronto
  • 1956: First Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 1
  • 1965: Original Logo Designed by Hollace “Bud” Gordinier
  • 1965: 1st Annual Spring Collecting Trip
  • 1966: A Busy Year!
    • Michigan Entomologist launched; this eventually became Great Lakes Entomologist. The first issue was typed on an IBM Executive Electric typewriter.
    • Amended Constitution (non-profit status)
    • Membership Drive: membership doubled to 225
    • 2nd Annual Spring Collecting Trip
    • Began Addressing Newsletters by Machine (from Punch Cards)
  • 1967: Ron Wilkinson Becomes Editor of the Michigan Entomologist
  • 1967: Began Offset Printing of Newsletter
  • 1967: 3rd Annual Spring Collecting Trip
  • 1968: 4th Annual Spring Collecting Trip
  • 1969: Co-sponsored (w/MSU) 20th Annual Meeting of The Lepidopterists’ Society
  • 1969: 5th Annual Spring Collecting Trip
  • 1970: 6th Annual Spring Collecting Trip