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Past MES Presidents and Meetings

The table below shows the meeting site and Chairperson for all MES Annual Meetings from 1955 through 2023. In the early years of MES, usually the MES President presided over the annual meeting, whereas in recent decades the President-Elect organized the annual meeting, but the Presidentusually handled the business meeting. At times, the same person is listed as Chair for two consecutive years. This has happened at times because the actual Chair was out of town or was unable to attend the annual meeting due to illness or other reasons.

1955Michigan State UniversityGeorge C. Steyskal
1956University of MichiganGeorge C. Steyskal
1957Wayne State UniversityRay Hutson
1958University of MichiganIrving J. Cantrall
1959Michigan State UniversityIrving J. Cantrall
1960University of MichiganRoland L. Fischer
1961Wayne State UniversityDavid R. Cook
1962University of MichiganHenry K. Townes
1963Western Michigan UniversityRoland L. Fischer
1964Michigan State UniversityStanley K. Gangwere
1965University of MichiganMogens Nielsen
1966Wayne State UniversityHenry K. Townes
1967University of MichiganJohn W. Newman
1968Grand Valley State UniversityFred B. Knight
1969Alpena Community CollegeT. Wayne Porter
1970MSU Kellogg Biological StationLouis F. Wilson
1971Albion CollegeRichard J. Snider
1972Toronto, CanadaRichard J. Snider
1973Michigan State UniversityRichard G. Fleming
1974Adrian CollegeRichard G. Fleming
1975Glens Oaks Community CollegeRobert W. Husband
1976Neithercut Woodland CampDavid C. L. Gosling
1977Calvin CollegeAl Bratt
1978Central Michigan UniversityAl Bratt
1979UM Douglas Lake Biological StationDaniel K. Young
1980MSU Kellogg Biological StationGary Simmons
1981UM Stinchfield WoodsGary Simmons
1982Chippewa Nature CenterJohn Witter
19834-H Kettunen Conference CenterRon Priest
1984MSU Kellogg Biological StationGary Dunn
1985UM Douglas Lake Biological StationDavid Cowan
1986UM Matthaei Botanical GardensMark O’Brien
1987MTU Ford Forestry Conference CenterKen Kraft
1988Ferris State UniversityPhil Watson
1989MSU Hidden Lake GardensRichard J. Snider
1990Chippewa Nature CenterEugene Kenaga
1991Northwestern Michigan CollegeFred Stehr
1992Michigan State UniversityRobert Haack
1993UM Douglas Lake Biological StationCathy Bach
1994Fernwood Botanic GardenDave Gosling
1995Alma CollegeRichard Roper
1996MSU Kellogg Biological StationCathy Bristow
1997Chippewa Nature CenterDaniel Herms
1998MSU Hidden Lake GardensLeah Bauer
1999Ralph A. MacMullan Conference CenterRon Priest
2000MSU Kellogg Biological StationGeorge Balogh
2001Leelanau SchoolMark O’Brien
2002Indiana Dunes Environmental CenterJames Dunn
2003Tollgate Education CenterThomas Wallenmaier
2004Ralph A. MacMullen Conference CenterRobert Kriegel
2005Lake Superior State UniversityJohn Douglass
2006Big Rock ValleyBill Westrate
2007Cran-Hill RanchStephen Ross
2008University of Michigan – DearbornTom Wallenmaier
2009Ralph A. MacMullan Conference CenterErwin ‘Duke’ Elsner
2010Kettunen CenterEthan Bright
2011Pierce Cedar Creek InstituteToby Petrice
2012G.H. Gordon Biological StationDavid Houghton
2013Drummond IslandMartin Andree
2014Saginaw Valley State UniversityDavid Stanton
2015G.H. Gordon Biological StationAngelica Pytel
2016Shanty Creek ResortsRobert Haack
2017Pierce Cedar Creek InstituteMatthew Douglas
2018Dow GardensElly Maxwell
2019Rockwell Lake LodgeDavid Houghton
2020Online meeting (COVID)Erwin ‘Duke’ Elsner
2021Hessel School HouseMark Vanderwerp
2022North Central Michigan CollegeBrian Scholtens
2023Ludington MarinaJohn Douglass
2024Maybe you?