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Membership is open to anyone interested in entomology worldwide.

Member benefits include:

Figure from A Review of the Ambush Bugs (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Phymatinae) of Michigan: Identification and Additional Considerations for Two Common Eastern Species

Lower Page Charges for Members

Discounted rates for members publishing in our peer-reviewed journal, The Great Lakes Entomologist.

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Present at Our Meetings

Our Meetings are a great way to meet other people with professional or avocational interests in entomology.

Any Member May Lead

Any Student, Active, Sustaining, or Life Member may vote and hold office in the Michigan Entomological Society.

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Membership types

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Student Membership

Enrolled students at any level from K-12 to graduate school are eligible to become student members. $12/year

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Active Membership

Active membership is the basic professional membership level. $25/year

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Sustaining Membership

MES is a non-profit organization, so Sustaining Members provide extra support. $35/year

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With a $500 one-time payment you can become a lifetime member of the Michigan Entomological Society,
and help support our work.

The Michigan Entomological Society is a non-profit organization.
Contributions to MES over $25 are deductible for Federal US Income Tax purposes.