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MES 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

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September 16, 2023

69th Annual Meeting – Combined Meeting of the Michigan and Wisconsin Entomological Societies. Harbor View Marina, Ludington, MI

Present: Les Ferge, Adrienne O’Brien, Mark O’Brien, Bob Haack, Martin Andree, Ralph Gorton, Mark VanderWerp, Angie Pytel, Carl Strang, Dave Dister, Bill Westrate, Bill Ruesink, John Douglass, Kyle Johnson, Pat Hudson, Steve Bransky
Treasurer: Angie Pytel – Checking account balance is $41,123.47, up ~$6000 from September 2022. There are some unpaid invoices for articles in The Great Lakes Entomologist. Angie will notify the authors again and then will seek advice from the board on what actions to take.
Secretary: Adrienne O’Brien – Membership is at 192
Newsletter: No report
Journal: Alicia Bray – The Fall/Winter 2022 Volume 55 Nos. 3&4 issue was published in February 2023. The Spring/Summer 2023 Volume 56 Nos. 1&2 issue was closed on June 30th, 2023 and published in September 2023. The average time between receiving and accepting manuscripts has been about 38 days, ranging from 1 day to over 3 months (depending mostly on the speed of the reviewers). DOI (Digital Object Identifier) numbers were added (at no cost to MES) to all journal articles in the last issue of TGLE as well as to all earlier articles. The author instructions need to be revised. Let Alicia know if you wish to assist. Alicia is having difficulty finding reviewers for some papers, especially those dealing with Hemiptera.
Social media: No report
Webmaster: Mark O’Brien is going to retire as the MES webmaster. The Society is now contracting with someone to update the website. See the exciting news below about these changes.
Old Business: Ralph Gorton will inventory back issues of The Great Lakes Entomologist that are stored at MSU. (see his report on page 15). It was noted that some recently sent email ballots went to spam. Will send ballots as bcc next time.

New Business:
Website: Over the summer, the MES Governing Board decided to contact Gwen Pearson, former MES Board member and science writer about options for a new website. The goals for the website are to make it more user-friendly and appealing to online visitors. We are looking to make it easy to update. Gwen has been hired to develop a basic website on WordPress and she is giving us a special discount. We look forward to seeing a new and improved design from Gwen.
Name change proposed: John Douglass proposed that we consider changing our name (MES) to the Great Lakes Entomological Society. It would respect sister organizations, such as the Wisconsin Entomological Society and the Toronto Entomologists’ Association, and hopefully bring in more membership from nearby states and provinces. Adrienne O’Brien has volunteered to be on a taskforce to contact other societies about their interest and support for this name change. Let Adrienne know if you want to assist.
Secretary position: Currently, the MES Secretary is responsible for membership records and recording minutes at meetings. Adrienne would be very happy to continue as the Membership Secretary, but finds it difficult to take minutes, especially now with living in NC. One suggestion was to record the meetings on a phone, then transcribing, but that has drawbacks. As mentioned on page 1 of this newsletter, we are requesting that a MES member steps forward to take on the Recording Secretary role.
Other comments. Martin Andree is concerned about too many entomologists moving away from collecting of specimens (as opposed to photos only).
Submitted by Adrienne O’Brien, November 12, 2023