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MES Needs 3 New Officers!

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Are you the officer we are looking for?

MES needs to fill three positions on its Governing Board: President-Elect, Webmaster, and Recording Secretary. Please consider volunteering yourself or nominating another member for one of these positions.

President-Elect is a one-year term. The President-Elect oversees the planning of the next Annual Meeting. This involves selecting the meeting site and dates, as well as arranging for meals and inviting the keynote speaker. The President-Elect can ask other Governing Board members to help with these tasks too. Although in-person meetings are typical for MES, the Annual Meeting can also be held entirely on a Zoom-type platform, and therefore any member can serve no matter where they live! The President-Elect becomes President of MES in the second year and oversees the business matters of the Society, of which there are usually few. In the third year, this officer becomes the Immediate Past President and generally offers sage advice.

Webmaster. Mark O’Brien has been the MES Webmaster for over 20 years, and now would like to step down from that position. Mark will be happy to work with anyone who wishes to become the Webmaster. The main task is to keep the various web pages current; experience with WordPress is helpful but not required. Mark has also been involved in developing online ballots for MES elections and various proposals that require online voting. Mark used Google Docs for these tasks.

Recording Secretary. MES plans to split the current Secretary position into two new positions. The Membership Chair would handle membership issues; the Recording Secretary would handle recording of minutes at all MES Governing Board meetings held throughout the year, and submitting of those notes for publication in the MES Newsletter. Adrienne O’Brien has been the MES Secretary since 2010. Adrienne would like to remain the MES Membership Chair, but since she now lives in North Carolina, it is difficult for her to attend all MES meetings and record minutes. Therefore, MES is seeking a member to volunteer to serve as Recording Secretary.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of these positions, or want to nominate another member, please contact MES President John Douglass Alternatively, contact Mark O’Brien if you wish to know more about the MES website, and Adrienne O’Brien for information on the MES Secretary position.