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November 2023 MES Newsletter

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Volume 67, No. 3

Michigan and Wisconsin Entomological Societies combined meeting, Ludington, September 2023. Image of a butterfly on a map of the great lakes region.

69th Annual MES Meeting Abstracts

The 2023 MES Annual Meeting was held on September 15-17 in Ludington, MI, at the Harbor View Marina. President-Elect John Douglass made all local arrangements, and we thank him for all his efforts. We
had over 40 attendees, most from Michigan, but several from other US states (IL, NC, OH, and WI) and Canada
(ON and SK). On the following pages are abstracts of each talk. Speakers were asked to expand their initial abstracts that appeared in the program, and also add a few figures if they wanted to. Some did and some didn’t. Pictures were not taken of the speakers at this meeting.